Rubbing Your Eyes Can Be Harmful. Here’s What to Do Instead

Nov 02, 2023 By Madison Evans

The eyes are one of the most sensitive and irreplaceable parts of the human body. Do you know our eyes are so sensitive that they can detect even a single photon of light within a second? Nevertheless, these delicate nerves might get damaged if you rub your eyes multiple times with harsh hands.

Nevertheless, we know that these other cases might cause you discomfort and irritation. But don't worry, as we are here to help. Keep reading, and the forthcoming content will discuss some practical things you can do instead of rubbing.

Let's begin

What to do instead of rubbing your eyes

1: Use a clean tissue

Fingers are permanently attached to your body, and you use them for multiple activities. Thus, no matter how hard you try to keep those sanitized and clean, bacteria in the air get stuck to your skin. When you rub your eyes with these, you transfer the bacteria from your hands to your eyes, which might cause severe damage. To avoid that, using sanitized tissue paper on eyes is a good idea. But remember, we are talking about gentle tissue paper, not ones that have slightly dotted parts. You can ask any pharmacist, and they will provide it to you.

Now, keep these untouched and get one out only when you need it by pulling the tissue paper from a corner. This way, you will be able to maintain the hygiene of the tissue packet as well as your eyes,

2: Wash your eyes with water

Eye itching is one of the common reasons that cause one to rub eyes frequently. Thus, to save your eyes, you need to eliminate the cause from the root. Sow, why do your eyes itch? Or what causes the eyes to feel a slight discomfort?

In most cases, it happens when an alien substance, such as dust particles or even tiny particles of outside elements such as eyelashes, enter the retinal area. One of the easiest and most effective ways to eliminate such a situation is simply washing your eyes.

So head to your washroom or kitchen sink and splash some water with your eyes open. Stay sure not to put extra pressure as it can also cause damage to your eyes. Repeat the action a few times or until you feel better.

Doctors suggest using cold or room temperature water for washing your eyes. Thus, do not use lukewarm or hot water as it can increase the irritation and redness of your eye.

3: Find an alternate

Some people rub their eyes without any reason as a part of their habit. If you also belong to the same group of people, getting your mind away from the activity is the only solution you can opt for. But how? A simple idea is getting your mind engaged in an alternative activity.

For instance, whenever you feel like rubbing your eyes, get a Rubik's cube in your hand and try to solve it. Do not let your mind go anywhere else. Or you can get involved in any of the activities that seem interesting to you, such as playing sports, using your phone, watching television, painting, the list goes on.

4: Compress your eyes instead of rubbing it

If you are at a place where no water supply is available, for instance, in the middle of a business party or at the park, and your eye has started to itch, try to compress it rather than rub it.

Just rub your palms to create some heat out of friction and place these on the eye. Gently press it for a couple of seconds and repeat. This way, you will comfort your vision for temporary survival. However, as soon as you reach home, wash your eyes with clean water, as we explained earlier.

5: Consult a doctor

If your eyes itch regularly, and cause you to rub them again and again this might be a sign of an eye allergy. In such a case, the above methods might need to be revised. It would be best not to treat such allergies with these or other home remedies. Instead, consult your doctor right away. Explain your condition to the doctor, and they might prescribe you some eye drops or medications, depending upon your situation. Make sure to use the drug regularly or as per the doctor's advice to avoid long-term losses and eyesight weakening.

6: Wear your glasses

If you are someone with weak eyesight but still don't bother to wear your glasses on, let me tell you, my friend, you are doing the worst possible thing to yourself. Wearing glasses will prevent your eyes from focusing more while doing daily activities such as reading, watching TV, or sewing. This will drastically impact your eye's capability to withstand light and weather elements, causing it to itch. Hence, to rest assured your eyes no longer itch, you must start wearing your eyeglasses properly and regularly.

If the idea still bothers you, consult your doctor to replace the specs with contact lenses or go for laser surgery to fix the shape of the cornea.

7: Head over to a more relaxed area

Last but not least, sunlight and high temperature can irritate your eyes, especially if your eyes are super sensitive. Thus, if you are in a place directly exposed to the sun or in an area that does not have enough ventilation, a good idea is to get out of that place and go to an air-conditioned room. During the whole process, do not harshly rub your eyes. Instead, wait until the cool temperature calms your eyes down. It might take about half an hour, so be patient.


On the bottom line, the Eyes are one of the most sensitive and fragile body organs. Rubbing your eyes frequently can destroy them by blocking the nerves. The same is why we have formed this ultimate guide that discusses some effective alternatives you can consider instead of rubbing. So make sure to read the whole content from start to finish.

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